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RV Insurance

Recreational Vehicles (RVs) are a fantastic way to enjoy the gorgeous, wild outdoors of Arizona while still maintaining some of the familiar creature comforts of modern living. And, ensuring that your RV is insured lets you tackle those long-winded road trips with a little peace-of-mind. Whether you’re a snowbird looking for that next sandy beach or you’re a full-time camper, your RV can feel more like a home than a vehicle

At AZ Insurance Group, we understand how important your RV is to you. After all, you saved up the money to purchase your dream RV for a reason — it’s precisely what you want. And, ensuring that your RV is covered from potential damages is a critical component of safeguarding that investment.

In Arizona, all RVs are required by law to have liability insurance if they have a motor and are driveable. But, when it comes to RV life, the minimum isn’t always your safest bet. Comprehensive insurance packages can help you safeguard your investment with collision insurance and higher packages that go well beyond the minimum liability coverage.

If your RV is towable, you aren’t required to have insurance on the RV itself, but you should make sure that your truck or SUV that’s towing the RV has an extensive plan on its coverage that will cover the RV.

When is RV insurance required in Arizona?

If you are financing your RV, you will likely require a more comprehensive insurance plan. If you don’t purchase one, your financer may purchase that insurance for you and forward you the bill — which is often more expensive than buying the insurance yourself.

When is RV insurance optional in Arizona?

Remember, you should double-check your primary vehicle insurance to ensure that an extension of your plan covers the RV.

Why Work with AZ Insurance Group?

At AZ Insurance Group, we’re dedicated to helping you find the right insurance plan for your RV. That means giving you the tools and resources you need to mitigate risk and the coverage options that will help safeguard your investment.

Ready to see how we can help you enjoy peace-of-mind on that next RV trip? Stop by or give us a call to learn more.

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